Father Dearest...

July 7, 2009
By xNightWingx BRONZE, Toronto, Hawaii
xNightWingx BRONZE, Toronto, Hawaii
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Father Dearest,
you abondaned me in my time of need,
when i was a new born and cried for the affection of my father,
where were you?
Father dearest,
when my first birthday came and passed,
why was there no "Happy birthday" from you?
Father Dearest,
when fathers day came, why was i the only kid not making a card?
Father Dearest,
you came back into my life,
when i was grown,
when i no longer needed you,
and you expected me to love you like a father and call you daddy...
Father Dearest,
your delusional if you think i'm gonna call you daddy.
Father Dearest,
as we sat down for my court mandated meeting with you,
you leaned over the table and said to me,
"A relationship between a father and his daughter is a special thing, something about love, not money."
i nodded and said "yes."
Father Dearest,
how dare you say that to me?
you have no right?
you were not there,
to guide me,
to love me,
why should i love you?
Father Dearest,
as far as i see it,
you are just the man who knocked up my mother.
Man who knocked up my mom,
i hope you know that i don't hate you,
i hate what you did to my mother,
i hate that she shed tears over a cheating, lying, drinking husband,
i hate that you were mean to my brother,
what i feel for you... Loathe.
but however i am grateful you gave me life.
Man who knocked up my mother, my hero, my life,
i loathe you.
but i'll move on soon,
i won't spend the rest of my life wasting time, thinking of you.
and like you did to me,
soon you won't ever even enter my mind anymore.

The author's comments:
this might seem harsh to you all. but i wanted to finally get

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lily said...
on Jan. 28 2011 at 2:23 pm
i love this. One of the best I've read on this subject.

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