silent but lovely confusion

July 7, 2009
By Rebecca Pitts SILVER, Quinlan, Texas
Rebecca Pitts SILVER, Quinlan, Texas
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flipping through the pages of my book
not even daring to look

trying to keep my mind on other things besides you
and i try so hard ,too.

but way back in my mind in a tiny box,
the memory of you unlocks

it stands in my mind in bold letters
waiting to be thought of but i know better.

cause if i think of you
i wont know what to do

you make my mind crazy and sore,
you make me think in ways i have never thought before.

I open my notebook and begin to write
just to get you out of my sight

because this is the way by the end of the day,
that i heal the cuts that you've made.

the cuts that are in my heart
but this time i will be smart

finally your thought flows out of my mind
the bad thing is this happens all the time.

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