Please Stay With Me.

July 7, 2009
By xNightWingx BRONZE, Toronto, Hawaii
xNightWingx BRONZE, Toronto, Hawaii
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People even though dead or gone,
from past or present,
always impact the future,
so what will my future be like,
if you are no longer there to guide me,
to hold my hand through my trails,
to let me know that i am beautiful,
and that when i cry you will always be there to dry them,
who will tell me stories about my past,
who will be there to make me laugh,
to me you are my world
and without you i know,
in my heart,
that without you, there would be no more light, no more laughter for a long long time
eventually i would have to move on,
because thats what you would want,
but is that something i want?
do i want to forget you?
do i want to continue my days like that?
but at least i am comforted by knowing that day has yet to come,
but still i wonder, even though my mind cries out at what i imagine,
because life without you, is unimaginable.
so please stay with me.

The author's comments:
to you all this poem may sound sappy, but this is something i trully think about. what would life be without the person you love most not being there beside you?

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