Different is the Same

July 7, 2009
By xxxDiAnAxxx BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
xxxDiAnAxxx BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
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The way things were…?
It was different
Different was good
But now it’s all the same
Who was I trying to fool…?
Myself…. I think
I thought happiness would come easy
Maybe I believed for once
Believed that it was real
It felt real…
But I’ve come to my senses
Like I should of before
And to me…
Nothing is real
Not anymore
Except for the fact that,
Everything’s the same
What I don’t understand
Is that…
You have to be insane
A complete Madd person
To be different
And it’s because of people now a days,
That it has to be that way
There’s only one,
One real thing in this universe
One real love
And that is going to be
Whoever was responsible for our creation
Sure…why not.
Only through him
Can you receive…
Total happiness…
Total love
And for the rest of humanity
Good luck…
Trying to be,
Really happy
Really in love
But it will always be a lie,
What people say these day’s
People fake feelings
Every moment
That to them it feels real
Even if its not
I guess that’s what we use…
To live.
To be happy.
To love, even.
But just to let you know
You’re a liar.
A faker.
And you’re selfish.

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