Step By Step

July 7, 2009
By Alex Edwards BRONZE, Dubuque, Iowa
Alex Edwards BRONZE, Dubuque, Iowa
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Life is the journey of getting old
Trying to remember all we have been told
From our very first and precious teddy bear
To our nursing home cruising in a wheelchair

What happens from step one to step ninety eight
Is something that no one will ever get straight
From losing our diapers to getting them back
How our hair turns white after being slick black

How our minds are always the first to go away
And you start to pray that you will get one more day
What step is it that waking up becomes a chore
What step is it that our muscles are always sore

What step is it when we start to have regret
What step is it that acceptance just starts to set
What step do we start to look back on all we did
What step is it that we wish we could go back to being a kid

What step is it that we start to realize that time has past
What step do we realize our lives were really a blast
From beating that nerd senseless in a pointless fight
To that one really crazy probably alcohol involved prom night

We never know when it will all just come to a close
We just need to live our steps to the fullest and stay on our toes
Be ready for everything and never be a afraid to fail
Cause only when we get busy living can our lives take sail

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