Things Wern't to Exspect

July 7, 2009
lauren,the,writer,and,photographer. GOLD, Vidor, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Stand Up For What You Believe In; Even If Your Standing Alone.

Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating your self.

When you say i do; that means i do you and you do me; and we do NObody else.
-Devin Wyman #72,NFLpatriots

Please dont leave me in this dark small well, please oh please. I wont have any food, and i will die of suffication.
Well why cant you take me with you? All im going to do in here is die, and will be belated by the time you get back. The re-creation of Jesus's birth is what made me your son. It was your choice to have me not your boyfriends, he isnt worth putting in this sittuation mommy, please please dont go. No mommy come back! Please please dont leave me.

Sitting in the dark and cold well,
the little boy was left there for 6 months, with no food and not the greatest shelter.
He was screaming for help over and over again. Finally the little boy got noticed by a strange eerie older man but the time he got there it was to late.
The man pushed the top of the well of, and saved the boy.
He called "911" he said "help help i just found a little boy down in a deep dark, cold well. He needs to be saved, and brought back to earth.
23 minitues later, the ambulance and the police arrived, they rushed to the little boy and put him in the bed.
It was going to take alot to bring this little boy back to earth, they told the man, that he was in a coma, and could possibly last for several months, if they didnt help him quick.
About a hour later, they shocked him one last time, and the little boy just opened his eyes and glanced at the man.
He said thank you so much for helping me, i would have died if it wasnt for you.
The boy didn't have no one to go to, the man was thinking, wow if i take this little boy in he would be my whole world. And i would love him as if he was my real son.
He asked the boy how would you like it, if i took you in and raised you as my own son.
The boy said with joy, yes, yes oh yes!
2 months later, they were living very happily, they did and do tot this day everything toghter.

They even went to heaven toghter after they were strucked by the 9-11 crash.
But in his will, he said "Due to me meeting this little boy, "my son" he made my life way better than it already was"..
When they got to the gates in heaven, God just looked at them with a smile, and opened the gates, because he knew how much they belonged here toghter forever.

The author's comments:
(: Thank you to everyone that reads this one. This one is my favorite peice..

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