Moving On

July 7, 2009
By noura SILVER, St.petersburg, Florida
noura SILVER, St.petersburg, Florida
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The brittle age of just nine years
was drowned away with a sea of tears
a little girl who once smiled bright
now questioned if living was right
I heard them say those things about you
and tried to convince myself they weren’t true
You left and never said goodbye
everything about me screamed why?
no call and you never looked back
you left with virtually no tracks
When I see the way they interact
its hard to keep my soul in tact
I see their happiness when they are together
you were supposed to be the only thing ;forever
I asked myself what I did
how could you do this? I was just a kid
I’m not going to lie
and say I didn't try
to forget that you ever existed
and to erase the love that I resisted
after years of tears, and sorrow and pain
I’ve come to realize I’m just not the same
when you left it was better for me
Its the sad truth I’ve come to see
what you did is still wrong
but i've moved on its made me strong
I’ve come to see its not my fault
I’ve taught myself to void the halt
Now I see that their words were right
and that you broke a bond once ever so tight
It was six years ago
And I’m now just letting go
it’s over now, now your gone
and from my heart you are withdrawn.

The author's comments:
Sometimes out of the worst situations come the best things, and although they hurt, i'vew learned its good to move on.

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