two years.

July 7, 2009
By mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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two years, what a waste of time,
is the thought that occupies my mind.
she said she loved me, and that she cared.
I held her close when she was scared.

It's over now, and I feel so drained,
from lots of fights, and feelings maimed.
I always tried my hardest, always.
you missed my point babe, you went astray.

I read the letters, you gave me back,
the one that almost gave me a heart attack,
when i realized the sincerity within them i lacked.
I truly was in love with you.
You never truly cared, and I always knew.
This one truth from lips, I hold to be true.
We were together so god awful long,
what in the world could have ever gone wrong?
We said it alot, over and over.
Always and forever we'll always be true.
But what happens when the other doesn't love you?
I'll tell you what happens,
so listen sharp.
your heart breaks in half,
it snaps like the strings on a harp,
it hurts twice as bad,
as it breaks to a laugh.
2 years, what a waste,
I wanna get some sleep,
and forget your face.

The author's comments:
hi, ummm i just let my feelings out into this piece, and let it become an extension of me, and noone can take that from me :)

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