July 7, 2009
By Gabrielle White BRONZE, Burlington, North Carolina
Gabrielle White BRONZE, Burlington, North Carolina
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If you hadn’t come into my life
I wouldn’t feel the pain I feel every day
All the crying
the heartbreak
the treating others like they’re nothing to me
because you’d treat me like that some days

If you hadn’t walked through my front door
I wouldn’t have looked into your eyes
And seen that there was so much more
More to you
More to me
How we were together
And how we could both feel so free

If you had never kissed me
If you had never held me close
Never comforted me when I was sick
And talked to me when I was just tired of this world
I wouldn’t have been
And still be so emotionally attached to you

But if you hadn’t opened your heart to me
And showed me how you really feel
I would’ve seen you still like others wanted me to see you

But if you had never picked that fight with me
If I had never gotten upset and told you to just stay away from me
If I had known this is what it would have come to be
If I had known you would mean this much to me
I would have never let you go
And you’d still be here on earth with me

If only others had known why I was so in love with you
If only others had known the part of you that I knew
They would not have told me I was a fool
They would not have told me I shouldn’t have gone out with you

But if you didn’t come into my life
If you hadn’t told me you wanted help to be a better person
And show you who you could really be
I wouldn’t have realized the person that I can be
And there wouldn’t be a big part of you in my heart where it will always be.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote about my ex-boyfriend and well it explains really how I felt about him and the relationship we had. I love and miss him so much. Rest in peace Dominic

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