July 7, 2009
By SmartAlex GOLD, Centralia, Washington
SmartAlex GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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Everyone has a past, and no one know's their future, all we have is today and what we choose to do with that.

I live in a fantasy world.
Filled with fury beasts that can eat me.
There are serpents long enogh to stretched across the river.
There are trees that can not me climbed.
There are giant birds of odd colours. There are vampiric beasts that roam the night sky.
I live in the middle of this world, and I survive. But no one will beleive me, because this is a fantasy world. Because no one, has ever seen it before.
Except, for me.

The author's comments:
The line between fantsy and reality only exsists in the minds of the people that wish it to exist. Fantasy is only somthing that we do not see everyday. Somthing no one has ever proved. And there for it is fantasy. Because humanity has no faith.

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