July 7, 2009
By shhh19 BRONZE, Warren, New Jersey
shhh19 BRONZE, Warren, New Jersey
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Just an ordinary girl,
A girl with smoldering eyes the size of the sun
that singe your skin with one piercing glance
A girl with untamed dreams
that dance like the fiery core of a
Just an ordinary girl,
A girl who has a heart lined with silver
and a soul speckled with iridescent diamonds
A girl who gets easily entangled in the maze of music
and lost in the ocean of art
with no intent of being found
Just an ordinary girl,
A girl with a sweet tongue,
a ticklish humor,
a sharp witty taste.
A girl who’s laughter chases away all suffering
like a beacon of light in a cave of

There’s an ordinary boy,
A boy with eyes the color of the Mediterranean --
so deep you can drown in them
An ordinary boy,
A boy who is
Swift as a dolphin,
Strong as a lion,
Agile as a leopard
An ordinary boy,
A boy with an enchanting smile
that wraps you in a layer of delight
A boy who has a passion,
a passion encrusted with
the bandages of hard work.

An everyday boy,
a boy with a million keys
to the hearts of a million girls,
and among that million,
Lies the tarnished key of that ordinary girl.

The key that has been lost time and time again
The key that has fallen into few hands,
none of which have been keen enough unlock her heart
The key that neither the ordinary boy
nor the ordinary girl
is aware of.

But the stars have decided
And destiny has spoken
The ends of their fate
have been entwined
into knotted braids.

So one day,
That boy,
that ordinary boy
with sparkling azure eyes,
will discover the rusty key in his pocket,
shine it,
delicately insert it into the keyhole

Turn it…

And unlock the heart of that
ordinary girl.

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ALM007 ELITE said...
on Apr. 5 2012 at 6:55 pm
ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
119 articles 54 photos 118 comments

I love this poem. Nice work and keep writing. Nice job on your artwork too!

I especially like how you describe the girl as a forgotten key.

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