June 28, 2009
By Derek Solomon BRONZE, Murray, Kentucky
Derek Solomon BRONZE, Murray, Kentucky
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My heart completely stops as it beats forever faster,

This is just one of many things that you make me do that I can not explain.

For you have ripped my heart into multiple pieces and made me feel
so strange,

This is what I think about on my loneliest day, as I listen to the rain drops hit so strong on my window pane.

I love you so much but I hate you with all my heart,

You can make my day so beautiful, but within in a second make it so harsh.

You are my greatest enemy but yet my greatest friend,

You give me the feeling of love but also the feeling of pain over and over again.

What you do to me should be considered a sin,

For on the outside I seem so happy even when you make me deeply sad within.

All in all I can not live without you even though at times I wish I could,

I wish that I could figure you out but in my brain you are just misunderstood.

For what it is worth I love you and hate you the same,

Your name is Love a name that I will never use in vane.

For some you are just a game,

But for me you are the only one that can truly drive me insane.

This is why I love you and hate you the same.

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S.O.S V said...
on Jul. 8 2009 at 10:03 pm
It was really good,and i can really relate to it

on Jul. 8 2009 at 7:35 pm
KaylaMarie SILVER, West Sunbury, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
you dont know what youve got until its gone

amazing...i lovedd it...i you ever get the chance check out my poem 'the fight against the world'

on Jul. 8 2009 at 4:23 pm
xXFadedFlowerXx GOLD, Roy, Utah
12 articles 0 photos 53 comments
Wow, you are a great writer. I can completely relate to this poem. Keep up the awesome work

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