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June 27, 2009
By CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
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have you ever had a dream
no maybe a rainbow with a beam
if you haven't that's OK
because im sure that couldn't happen anyway
i have a dream to be a singer
its often difficult between homework and my normal life because i began to linger
the bad thing is that i cant sing if there are lots of people
only a crowd as big as my steeple
when i sing next to my friends i get scared
because i found that their voices are so unique and so rare
all i could do was look and stare
i wonder if that one day i could be
someone amazing that people would pay to see
i laugh at the idea
when im sitting there eating my meal
i feel as if a clown
with big feet, funny face with no crown
they could put me in a circus and everyone would laugh
they'd say look at the girl who looks worse than a calf
but that's only half
she finishes with her in the trash

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