forget you .

July 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I threw out your T-shirt,
Took all of your pictures
Off the wall in my room,
I don’t want to ever think
About you.

I’ll wash your smell out of
My sheets make sure this
Lie never repeats, as I cover
Up the mascara running
Down my eyes, I’ll lie
Saying I’m fine.

And the necklace you bought
For me, rests in the trash can,
Now just a memory, that I’m
Strong enough to withstand.
But now since you’re gone, I
Finally am able to see, that
It is funny how the necklace
Was the same kind you gave
To that girl Brittany.

I’m alright, really I’m fine.
It will only hurt for a while,
But I know, over time, I’ll
Be able to get over you and
Find, you were just a minor
Sweet mistake in my life.

And as I lie in bed, all I’ll
Think about is what you
Said, and I’ll know that I’m
Too good for you, but that
Won’t make it easier to
Forget what we’ve been

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