all she needs is me .

July 6, 2009
By Anonymous

They’re fighting again,
And I don’t know what to do.
I hear the shouts and screams,
Filter through,
The crack underneath my door,
I can’t take this anymore.

I try not to imagine,
But the picture fills my mind,
Of her running scared,
Eyesight gone blind,
Hair a mess, all entwined.

She shrieks and cries,
Then falls to the ground,
I know I should help her,
But I just stand, astound.

Dirty demeaning words
Sputter out from his grimy lips,
Each cuts her a little more,
Slashing her like whips.

She tries to deny all of it,
Whenever I bring it up,
But I can see past her lies,
And the smeared makeup.

All she does is get hurt.
Why can’t she listen?
He treats her like dirt,
Yet she still loves him.

I want to kill the bastard
Every time I see her in pain.
Have his face plastered
To a wall of shame.

He doesn’t deserve her,
Someone so loving and dear,
He’s just a murder,
That she should fear.

I know she needs help,
And I have tried,
But she won’t listen to anyone but herself,
And she’s filled her head with all these lies.

So I sit and wait,
Hoping that there will come a day
That she will wake up and see,
She doesn’t need him, all she needs is me.

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