Save me

July 6, 2009

Save me:

Please save me, I am your Environment
I am green, brown with beautiful flowers
Shining in different colors
I am full of water and beautiful trees
Full of food for animals and human
I have a lot of natural resources to benefit you all
I was created to be cared for by you
I was created for you to preserve me

You destroyed me
Exploited my resources
Cut down most of my beautiful trees
I am now dying because the heat is killing me
Dying of what you call global warming
To you it’s a word to me is a killer killing me step by step
Everyday I am suffering and make you suffer to
Please save me I am your Environment

I am yours and your spirit of living
I provide you with everything
Please save me I am your Environment
Clean me up, educate others about
I still have a chance to live
I can still become beautiful again
Plant more and more trees
Make me green again and crown me with glory
Use the sun for energy
I have given it to you for free
Please save me I am your Environment

The author's comments:
Writing this poem was inspired by the climate change in my country. for the past two years we have been receiving heavy rains and floods. I really hope that the whole world will fight as one to reverse the effect of global warming and preserve our environment.

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