Finding Solace

July 6, 2009
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Lonely linoleum floors scarred by sneakers and stilettos
voices in my head plead and persuade to let go
the hallway engulfs me in a group of students late for class
I scan the rushed crowd but don't see you pass

3:35, the day is over
I wait at the door impatient and sober
I search the students to find your face
I turn to find I lost the race

I watch your black clad back fade down the street
and I savour every moment of your solo retreat
I see the city skyline swallow your sillouette
impulses fight like Montagues & Capulets

My eyes are asphyxiated to the dirty cement ground
without you there's a certain lonely feeling I found
With you I feel lost but very alive
these emotions drown me
breathe underwater
to survive

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