'Til I See Her Face

July 5, 2009
By DK012 SILVER, Des Plaines, Illinois
DK012 SILVER, Des Plaines, Illinois
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When i see her face I want my heart to stop,

My mind to shut down,

And my breath to go away

I have not seen a glimpse of that beauty

Until i do my heart will keep going, my mind will keep going, and i will breathe

I will breathe the air that isn't sweet

The air that's tainted with heartbreaks and pain

I will see through eyes that are clouded

Clouded with unshed tears

Until that day, that I meet my angel I will keep going

Until that day I will hide behind a mask of smiles and happiness

And when that day arrives I will shed those tears

I will shed those tears because of the joy that will come to my soul

The air I breathe will be better than a thousand roses

Her beauty will be unmatched

Her hair finer than Chinese silk

And her smile will blind the sun

But first I have to wait

'Til i see her face

The author's comments:
I wrote this to show that guys can feel this way too.

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