Please Help Me

July 5, 2009
By greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
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Can you feel the tension?
In the glance that passes between us
Remember when I thought you were a hero
Super strong, carrying along
But now you’ve let me down
Whenever you’re around
I find myself running
Because you went and ruined everything

Remember way back when
You’d walk in, left the door slammin’
Your hazy eyes would look into mine
And every time your love was hard to find
Nothing ever seemed too clear
Oh baby couldn’t you hear?
Me screaming please help me

Today was the big day
Where I had to drive away
Leave the place I called home
Where I felt safe and warm
The good memories I packed with me
The bad ones I’ve left behind
You can still read them in the walls, baby I’m not blind
Let me ask you, why’d you have to go and ruin everything?

Now as I leave the keys
Someone else can unlock those mysteries
You say someday I’ll understand
Thinking again you’ll hold my hand
But then it’ll be too late
I’ve accepted this is my fate
Cause you went and ruined everything

For God’s Sake
What did I do?
To deserve a life like this
Because I didn’t do anything wrong
No you ruined everything
And you couldn’t change
Cause you couldn’t hear
No you weren’t listening
When I was screaming
Please help me

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