Forever and Ever Babe

July 5, 2009
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I love the sound of your laugh;
And your eyes drive me wild;
I love the way you make my world go round;
And how you make my life worth while;
I wouldn't know how to live;
If you ever said goodbye;
'Cause everytime you come near;
I'm filled with butterflies;
I love the way you smile at me;
And love me day to day;
If I could change one thing in life;
I wouldn't have it any other way;
I love the way you hold my hand;
And put on that pretty smile;
With you I know there is no end;
We'll walk down every mile;
Softly I'll kiss you lips;
And run my fingers through your hair;
You'll never ask where I'm at;
Because I'll always be right there;
Some are scared to go to sleep;
Fore they don't want to miss a minute;
But I happily go to bed and dream;
'Cause every dream I have, you're in it;
When you fall asleep in my lap;
I'll gently kiss your head;
Without you in my life baby;
I'd much rather be dead.

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