No Longer Empty

July 5, 2009
I write stories
in stanzas where the words
flow together with perfect melody.
My fingers type the letters
that appear on the screen
as anger flows through my veins
and as tears fall down my face.
I write of sad times
where nothing made sense.
I let my feelings flow
into phrases that inspire the people who read.
I write when I have nothing to say
and no one to turn too.
When my smile is turned upside down
and when my heart is empty.
Never do i write
with a smile on my face,
for only emptiness sparks the fire
which i need to express the thoughts
written in my heart.
So today I sit
with my fingers on the keys
waiting for the poetic lines to flow.
But; how am i suppose to inspire the broken
when i am no longer empty
but full of smiles
and long lasting memories.

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