Six Letters Forgotten

July 5, 2009
By Angelica SILVER, Bronx, New York
Angelica SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Six Letters Forgotten
She thought he was the love of her life
The reason for her being.
She would do anything for him
All he needed was to ask.
She thought she knew everything there was
To know about him
But in the end, it just wasn’t true.
She gave him her love
And he took it without a glance
Now when she looks in the mirror
She sees a new change.
Going to the doctor,
She soon finds the truth.
She forgot six important letters
Only thinking of the four.
Now she’s left with three
And can’t look at herself anymore.
She told her boyfriend the truth
And he said he already knew.
He was the one who gave it to her
From a girl that she knew.
He’d been cheating on her for months
Gaining a consequence he didn’t like,
He didn’t want to die alone
So he condemned her life.
Now she keeps to herself
Not wanting others to know
Or to pass it on.
One huge oversight on her part
Will soon have her in her own
Personal mausoleum.
All because of six forgotten letters…

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