Through Bloodshot Eyes

July 5, 2009
By Zeina Karkabi BRONZE, Abu Dhabi, Other
Zeina Karkabi BRONZE, Abu Dhabi, Other
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When it takes all you’ve got to keep going
Must’ve been a perilous journey to get to where you are today.
Baby, it‘s ok to let your guard down every once in a while,
To see the world through bloodshot eyes.

Go on with your incredulous ways
Let the sound of your radio drown out your negativity.
Baby, be fearless through this expedition
The world is a different place through bloodshot eyes.

Let your thoughts run wild, take advantage of the silence
Let each emotion sink in to the depths of your mental state
Baby, you’ve got everything to live for
But sometimes, you’ve got to see things through bloodshot eyes

You are only one person, lost in temporary insanity,
Make this imaginary world your own.
Baby, you’ve found your escape
In a world seen through bloodshot eyes

Drift away to your fantasy wonderland,
Don’t hesitate, don’t look back.
And baby, it’s ok to cry,
Everything’s clearer through bloodshot eyes.

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