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Not a cloud in the sky, not a rain drop for me. The sun's rays beam down on me. It gets harder and harder to breathe with every step and stride that i take. i run and run even when i feel like I'm going to collapse. My face blank dripping with sweat and salty tears, stunned from what you had said, my hands in fists keep me running fast, my knees shaking from the exhaustion. i ran through the day and night, but i never seem to get far, for when i think I've lost you, you appear in front of me again. Frighten by you i start running away hoping that i can loose you as you try to chase me down one last time. Finally we approach something new, I cross a field, where up above I see clouds, tremendous clouds,we ran around this field until I felt a rain drop splash down on my cheek. Then it started to down pour and you started to melt. As excited that i was that i beat you, i laid down in the middle of the field ad slept knowing that i had BEAT you at your own game.

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