If Only You Knew, Echo and Narcissus a love that was never returned

July 5, 2009

Oh, how I urge to confess to you the love in my heart

But the curse of my voice keeps us apart

I long to have the beautiful one that lies before me

But you vanish whenever I try to hold you dearly

Whenever I try to confess the words I am not able to speak

You scorn me away and all I can do is weep

Why must you abandon me whenever I come near?

Is my heart and soul not enough for you my dear?

As I repeat your words it destroys my soul

Without your devotion I can not remain whole

I gaze at your beauty and desperately try to hold you one last time
I can not face the fact that you will never be mine

I mourn at the spot where I realized I can never have you

If only you knew my love, if only you knew

The author's comments:
I guess to understand this poem you need to know the story of Echo and Narcissus. Its really long and complicated so I'll just sum it up.Narcissus saw his reflection in a river and fell in love with his reflection. Echo was in love with Narcissus but she could never confess her love because she could only preat the words of others (Ehco get it?). So I decided I would write this poem as if they were expressing their pain themselves. It alternates voices, starting with Echo in the first stanza, then Narcissus in the next and so on. The last stanza is both of their voices. Hope I haven't bored you too much! Read&Enjoy!

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