If Only You Knew, Echo and Narcissus a love that was never returned

July 5, 2009
Oh, how I urge to confess to you the love in my heart

But the curse of my voice keeps us apart

I long to have the beautiful one that lies before me

But you vanish whenever I try to hold you dearly

Whenever I try to confess the words I am not able to speak

You scorn me away and all I can do is weep

Why must you abandon me whenever I come near?

Is my heart and soul not enough for you my dear?

As I repeat your words it destroys my soul

Without your devotion I can not remain whole

I gaze at your beauty and desperately try to hold you one last time
I can not face the fact that you will never be mine

I mourn at the spot where I realized I can never have you

If only you knew my love, if only you knew

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