Thank You

July 5, 2009
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I came home
I opened our room door
And then I saw you...
And her...
I threw her out
You yelled and cussed
Because I told you not to see her
You said nothing happened
Nothing at all?
I'm not stupid
You were laying in bed
Flesh against flesh
Nothing happened?
You had it
Threw me out
No money, nothing
Into a cold, dark street
You didn't care if I would be dead
Just like the other times
Other times, I passed of your girls
Not this time
Not you in bed with my sister
You thought that I would come back
Begging for mercy
Wanting back in that cage
That I would put up
With your little games
Just to live inside that prison
Well guess what
Not anymore
I'm on my own
I like it that way
I never thought that I would thank you
But I am
Thank you
Thank you for throwing me out
Thank you for unknowingly giving me the chance
To start a new life
Filled with hate and desire for new ways of life
Thank you for making me stronger
You rot, I strive
The roles are reversed
I'm the one that's strong now
Thank you for filling me with the hate that has made me strong

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asiangurl said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 10:02 am
i love your poem, i can feel the emotions from being confused and hurt to thanks,gatful to be kicked out. you did well, keep it up
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