Alone in sin

July 4, 2009
By lynnette croskey BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
lynnette croskey BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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I fell asleep while i was awake
I had and then i ate my cake
I saw clear on rainy days
I liked you until you changed your ways
Like everyone else you tried to be
Did you think that i couldn't see
That you where becoming just like them
What happened to being different
I thought that we could just stand out
But who knew what you where really about
Obviously i didn't
Or else we wouldn't be, i'll admit it
It was cool when we were blind
To everyone's staring accusing eyes
The world is so evil that it would destroy
Our perfectly planted roots in the soil
Our happiness has come and gone
Despite the battles that we have won
The lack of loyalty you have shown
Since you've turned into there little clone
How could they destroy something so perfectly flawed
Our disaster that saw no wrong
And now you are one of them
And I am here alone in sin

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