Thank You Mom

July 4, 2009
By Nick O BRONZE, Cerrios, California
Nick O BRONZE, Cerrios, California
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At times, I know the words to say thanks for what you have done for me
But they end up flying away like a bird that is set free
How do I thank you enough, the one who makes me complete
The one who taught me wrong from right, the one who
tucked me at night. The one who could see into the eyes
of fear, the one who always had a tissue for my tears
The one that made many sacrifices always putting me first
Who could paint the world a picture,
even when things took a turn for the worst.
What way can I thank you for your sweat blood and tears?
For putting up with me for oh so many years…
For changing as I changed, understanding my faults
Love me not because you had to, but because
Thank you for never giving up
on me,
When your patience came to reach its end
Thank you for the many years of being my best friend.
And I come to understand, the only way to say thank
you is just this single way:
Look at me before you, see what I have become
and see what I have grown up to become
See all your great efforts and the great job you have done
All your ambitions and
dreams all your wisdom that no one sees
A conversion of your best years passed down to me
Thank you for all my days for all days both gray and blue
But most importantly thank you for making all dreams come true

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