July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am naïve
Not the ordinary kind of naïve
Not the “wish upon a star and all of your dreams will come true” kind of naïve
But I am still naïve
I am naïve because, no matter how many incidences
Of lying, hating, fearing, fighting
That occur right before my augmented consciousness
I still believe in change
And regardless of the number of masochistic charlatans
Who staple crumpled paper to their foreheads
With the words, “I am who I am, not who you want me to be”
Scrawled hastily as a last ditch attempt
To rid themselves of any lingering morality that clings to them like day- old saran wrap
I still believe that people want to change
And when the saran wrap discarded by the side of the road
Is run over by trucks too eager to get where they’re going to see where they are
I still am naïve enough to be surprised
My naïveté is the atmosphere that envelops me
It smolders the incoming debris
The abhorrence and the fury that threatens my sanity
It reduces it to tears of ashes and cries of dust
Which are quickly washed away by the soothing rain
That drums a perpetual rhythm
In my psyche
And those masochistic charlatans and negligent truck drivers
Who obliterate integrity simply by doing what they do every day
Are easily drowned out by the tipping tapping
Ringing singing
Pittering pattering
Symphony of naïveté echoing in my mind
Sometimes, the resonance of my personal music
Reverberates within others’ ears
And they ask me why
Why do I live in a world where the regrettable truth of humanity’s malevolence is ignored and belief in the integrity of human nature is upheld as the societal ideal?
Why do I live in a world where the everyday exploits of cruelty and madness still peal the faint ringing of surprise, instead of the invariable tone of monotony that they deserve?
I answer them simply
Because I am

The author's comments:
This poem was written as a slam poem, and I apologize if some of the quality is lost because it is being read, not performed.
This poem took me a while to write. I listened to a lot of slam poetry before I started writing, and was inspired to use the idea "I am..." as a starting point. Everyone is defined by some trait that they possess, whether it be religion, ethnicity, physical appearance, talent, or any other characteristic. In this poem, I chose to define myself by something that is not necessarily tangible or easily seen, but is undoubtedly part of who I am.

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on Jul. 9 2009 at 12:19 am
You KNOW how much I love this poem. Teen Ink would be crazy not to publish you!! Everything you write is so incredibly deep, and this poem is just fantastic. I've told you many times how much I wish I could be as insightful and thought-provoking as you. Your writing is beautiful and shows wisdom beyond your years. I really hope you get published--you definitely deserve it!!

[you should be able to guess who this is! :)]

Parkland Book