Decieving Beauty

July 4, 2009
By Charles Foster BRONZE, Owosso, Michigan
Charles Foster BRONZE, Owosso, Michigan
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where have i gone
i do not know
I've lost my way
i feel so low
where do i start,
where is the end
i love my life
i can pretend
you are so fake
i must be too
i will not break
i will break through
i give give give,
for you to take
you can destroy
ill try to make
my words are chose to speak the truth
i feel so old I'm just a youth
you give me pain
at least you share
your oh so sweet
i cant compare
i must be dead
i walk this earth
my blood runs red
thats all I'm worth
I'm far to strong
I'm just a wimp
I'm so confused
my brains gone limp
I'm too damn wise
not wise enough
like you this song is just a bluff
don't think too hard
don't think at all
you picked me up
you let me fall
you'll try to call i wont respond
its over now you broke our bond
I'm sure you'll live fine without me here
your so scared
i have no fear
and when you break i wont repair
you'll want me to
i will not care
i let you kill but not again
your dead to me theirs no amends

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