Reflective Glass

July 4, 2009
Reflective glass,
Revealing the outside.

Imitating movements,
staring straight into jigsaw puzzled eyes.

That person in the glass:
same eyes
same hair
same face
same body

A fragile object framing
a mime
A measuring tool of society

Each day
Afraid of the creatures
with the piercing eyes
that glow red at night

Dressing flesh in clown paint
and faerie dust
layers and layers.
A cloak
covering whats underneath
to hide from soul seekers

Taking off the mask
Unzipping the suit.
At the end of the day
washing off the clown paint
a piece of you eroding with it.

Swirling down the drain.

The person in the glass
cannot peel the layers off
Encourage to keep adding

Inside the glass
Is no one

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