Perfection Is Defection

July 4, 2009

what I am
gave a new
shape to
forever (in chains)
Last time I

gave away
what I
never before became

but until now
this is all that ever was but
I was better than

and everything
was as the future was
back then when

it was different now
but beyond that

I am now and here
lost in myself

Now is not

the time
for what “was known as
perfect” I give
what I thought was

my last chance
into infinity

we fell and
are falling

forever in
and now
We never became

anything more
than a passing
wind on

the ocean

This is a last resort

for what
I never will be
but forever could

have been
Don’t die on me

for you (whoever)
never did now

who I was inside
outside is
black as a

“What was known as perfect”
are the last

give me
a lifeline

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scribere said...
Dec. 14, 2009 at 7:34 pm
i really like this. your poetry reminds me alot of e. e. cummings
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