Different love

July 4, 2009
By Monae2013 SILVER, TRACY, California
Monae2013 SILVER, TRACY, California
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What if fire fell in love with ice,Or solid rock and wind?Even light and dark.

Fire and Ice:not even a touch
Fell in love from afar
There parents made a fuss.
Off together away they ran.

Not how you think
A mile apart,as they sprinted
For if fire touched ice she'd be gone in a blink.
How would they hold hands and run in a meadow?

They can't, saddness greew between them.
On seperate hills a plan was formed,
Ice was willing but was he?
We all know what they scrafice.

Fire ran as fast as he could and was not blown out.
He reached ice just before she melted all gone,
Their lips touched for a half a second
Then away they drifted to the land beyond.

Solid-rock and wind: always together
Fell in love with the sound of her voice
And the drift of a feather.
This was not a wise decision.

For wind cannot be held or touched
Only heard and felt
But rock can only be toched and held
Maybe even turned into a shelf.

Rock fell in love by her beautiful voice
For she sang her sweet melody to him always
He fell in love with her delicate soft touch
But all the tiime he just sits and lays

A feather adrift blew onto rock
She saw this happen to the solid
He glew blew and green in the magnificant sunshine
And in the moonlit sky he glew like a diamond

But where is the happiness
Well,it's easy to see
Listen to your ticker tick
See what you can just by listening to me.

Every hour she sang and touched him
For she was the wind
And every minute he glew and glew for her
He was a rock that alawys lays.

You would think it is not enough But for them its all they need
Because for us it will go like smoke in a puff
Or it can grow like a Sequoia Tree.

All in all our love is different
In ours we have all our six senses
We often communicate
Then get mad and build fences

How they don't do this is plain and easy
They no senses but stonger feeling
No harm can be done
and that love is bigger then the Empire State Buildings

Light and dark: is it possibe?
Probably not but maybe it can
One moonlit night shone into darkness
The wonderous light of the moon.

It shone so bright it turned into gold
Saw by its beauty dark wished to be light
Her job wasn't meant to light but to darkness
She wished it was different when she saw him at night

Dark hated her job she was meant for evil
But what if she wasn't?
Evil was made up by people
Light saw darkness and was happy as can be.

He wished he was darkness,so you can see
For everyone thought that he was spontaniously beautiful
He only thought himself a small spark
And in the end he met up with dark.

They came together and became mid-day.
There was no reason for this,
Because the light is dark in May.
This is really differnt love.

Now open your eyes and look around
Watch all when you're out
For you may see the love that is bound
The you'll know what Different Love is really about.

You might see something new
That is 10x's the stronger
But it is after all diferent love,
Ad it lasts 20x's longer.

The author's comments:
I am basically trying to get out the love comes in all different ways and that anything is possible!!!

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