The Evil Inside

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Dead plant throwing evil out.
Ball of thorny pentagon eyes.
No life left in its edges.
A ring of desperate hope, flowing from the thorny ball of evil.
Hope ring shoots away if darkness swallowed and all that’s left is lifeless flower and its offspring.

The flower veins emitting evil into a ball.
Hope ring elapsing to darkness.
Thorns of each evil sprout slowly shredding excess hope,
scattering out for universe.

Slow choke from the flower,
imaginary laughter erupts into minds that were left along.
Shockwaves hit universe like hightide smashing shore.
Silence emerges, like an envelope being freshly opened.

Why this flower?
Is it the end?
Is evil prevailing?
Is this death to the flower?

end of hope for one is beginning for another.
Eventual end,
sadness for end,
instead happiness for new hope.

Hope vs. the end
Hope vs. the end
Hope vs. the end

The author's comments:
Based on the picture; Prickly Flower M.C.Escher

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