The Wall of Lies

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Earlier this day I came across a lie which burrowed deep
Within my life it lurked much like a monster in my dreams
It looked at me with startling eyes that pierced straight through
It preyed on my deteriorating mind that wanted no further ache
It tore my flesh and scorched my mind alongside the hate
And alas I was unleashed into my own beating heart
Although I saw it earlier, the monster grew too large
Its weight collapsed upon my life – a storm of endless darkness
Yet I persisted through the tumult with hardy soul and all
A decision that I much regret, for I was only thrust much deeper
Into the heart of darkness within me
And so I persist behind my shadow, lurking through the morose days
My slavish deeds become a heavier burden for my calloused feet
I trudge behind a never ending wall of climbing lies and tales
It shields me from the lovely light that once warmed my veins with life
I know what lies behind my façade, yet does it miss my acquaintance?
I doubt if those on the other side can sense my very presence
Yet all and all, fate and fate, throughout these endless nights and days
I walk my path of servitude to the wall built much too high
It towers above my brothers’ heads – the camaraderie disseminates throughout
And our own tears, of chronic return, they pave the very path we follow

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