Day of Deliverance

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

It cleansed my day – that endless day of unfortunate mishaps
That soothing breath of nature’s lung swept throughout my space
Although it lacked its earlier warmth, it seemed to calm my heart
Throughout that day I realized that there were two adjacent worlds
Atlas I was released from bondage – the blinding burn of hate
I ran into the wilderness so blind in my own anger
But then I sobbed much like before yet then I seemed to lapse
Into a much more broader state of mind which I had ignored
Do you know the anguish of which I spent my time?
The darkness which I crept throughout in order to pass the moments?
Yet now I know much more than I should – my cognizance reaches too far
I laugh at you, my nemesis, and pity coats my heart
I know you all are expecting much – a hateful smirk or tear
Yet I will stand in my own space and shed my own fears
Alone, I’m a philosopher much beyond the dawn of time
Too great to praise myself in glory of your mistakes
I see now how blind I was, the pain is quite unbearable
But mistakes are made and much too many settle in our minds
Only I can forget the pains which rocked my aching heart
And so you ramble on and on upon my lifeless corpse
Of which I used to dwell throughout this worldly court
Your scorns and disapprovals seem to fade as I begin to sleep
Into a deep dream I await – the one which seemed to be my fate

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