For Whom I Speak

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I speak for those in pain of personal grief
With wounds that burn in agony
For those within a lockless cage
Who lost their voices far too soon
For the hapless child amidst the flames
That knows his fate is full of pain
I speak into the broad daylight
Among the shadows of those in fright
Although my podium is far too small
My voice rings out beyond the hall
My words traverse across the seas
Throughout the cities and lifeless trees
I speak of dreams of life and success
Crushed by the grasp of ignorance
I recall the innocent days I enjoyed
The splendorous sunlight in which I bathed
But now is the time to forget the past
And learn of coexisting future plans
Its time to set aside your pain
And stand up on your feet again
I speak for those in need of love
Those timeless ages up above
And though I speak throughout the days
Never resting at will or heart
My voice resides within my mind
A safer place for ideas like mine

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