Rising Above

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Oh, how I wish for peace at mind
My soul is marred with heartless wounds
It spills my life into the sea
Of glorious scars and tears abroad
Now I see the mistakes of the past
So blind was I to live like that
And don’t be fooled – I share regrets
My lifeless breath is filled with shame
But now is the time to rise above
The scorn of those who mock my aplomb –
My dreary, downcast way of life
I rise above, and stand triumphant
Free at last from the grasp of its torment
My heart sings out to those I love
To the ceaseless corners of the convoluted universe
My voice rings into the heavens!
It strikes my foes with awe,
How I wish to break free from the freedom itself!
Now I’m a far better man than I ever was
And I’ve risen above the laughter of those –
Inferior beings who may never know,
The esoteric piece of life that ventures beyond
And slowly I sleep, though my heart beats fervently
I relapse into certain dreams of uncertain glee

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on Jul. 10 2009 at 5:44 pm
xXFadedFlowerXx GOLD, Roy, Utah
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Beautiful words.

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