Not As It Seems

July 4, 2009
By thatsforalltime BRONZE, Allen Park, Michigan
thatsforalltime BRONZE, Allen Park, Michigan
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Dawn’s light creeps upon the neighborhood
The birds sing merrily waking the early risers
Dew clings to the manicured lawn
A single oak stands proud in the center
Amber Adley looks out the bedroom window
Like this her day is spent
The children play tag
Businessmen come and go in tailored suits
Housewives tend to their prized gardens
It’s all a façade
She can’t see the fights at the sun’s close
The lipstick on a white collar
The housewife clinging to the bottle for dear life
She yearns for something aesthetic
It’s superficial
But the lies and the troubles aren’t what she sees
The dagger pierces soft skin
A sanguine river flows down her arms
It puddles around her body
Dusk covers the neighborhood as her eyes’ light fades

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