Cliff Diving

July 3, 2009
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I take seven steps to the edge
I stare over it
It seems such a long way
Until one would hit the choppy surface
I suck in a deep breath and let it out
I step back for a running start
And I run faster than the fastest cheetah
There are only a hundred feet to the edge of the cliff, now there are fifty
I had better prepare go dive shortly; thirty feet, twenty, ten, five
Three inches and into position; I dive off
My eyes are closed, all I feel is the cool air slapping my face
My eyes open and the water is only forty yards away
It's getting dangerously close
I want to hold my breath but I have to wait until the right time comes
Suddenly, that moment's here and I breathe every molecule of air
First are my hands then my arms, my hair, my chest, my stomach
My thighs, my shins, finally the ends of my toes
I open my eyes and there is a blue wasteland surrounding me
The only movements are those of the clear bubbles
They amble up to the surface without a care in the world
My lungs strain from the lack of air
I shoot up in one powerful push and another and another
Finally, I am at the top, the air bites my cheeks
This experience is unforgetable.

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