when i think about you

July 3, 2009
By KIKI010 BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
KIKI010 BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
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when i think about you words cant describe how i feel. in love, perishable, butterflies in my stomach i could go on for days the way you make me feel when your around me is amazing its something i have never felt before i feel i can be myself around you n not hide my true feelings from you. you are the light to my darkness the yin to my yang n the hot to my cold. there are many ways i can express myself but i chose to express thru one way that is in words sometimes just saying it does not help but it helps when i just let it out. i like the feeling that moves inside of me when your around some times you take me up then down side to side n all around. its a real affection that you have put on me n sometimes i act real discreatly but you are always there because i know you care. so when i think about you again some words just cant explain but i will tell you that i dont feel any pain its just that when your not with me i intend to think when you think about me can you explain in words or do you feel like me.

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