Mach Five Radio

July 3, 2009
By Craig Dunstiel BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
Craig Dunstiel BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
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Sirens wail like a wild coyote

Desperate for attention

A tampered beat fades in

Paving a path for the noise macabre to venture

The high intensity


The introduction leads a dynasty

...Cerebellum impulses

Language forms

Appearing mischievous

Conveying a powerful diorama

Every note has its own word

Precisely in place

A hidden center between seizure educing tempos

And rhythmical hypertrophy

Suddenly, recklessly

Appears a malicious cheetah


Collides through a neon jungle

Jagged thought

Time penetrates

The elaborate viscosity of sound,

A crescendo of reanimation is conducted,

Bringing a vague remembrance

Of a ludicrous collaboration

The stars and planets all align,

As the potent masterpiece,

Awaits a conclusive replay.

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