Someday Soon

July 3, 2009
By horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
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Your time is coming
We are lying on the bed
In the hospital

I still can’t believe it
You told me
Three moths ago
That you had cancer
Time has been
Going by
Way too fast
And now
It’s time for you go

Every hour
You get weaker
Paler and sicker
I can’t take this much more
Doctor just
Came in
And said that
You have only
A few hours left

Now if it’s only
A few minutes
I’ m crying
And holding on
I don’t want
You to go
I keep whispering
Over and over again
“Don’t leave me.”
You are
Hugging me tight
Just as hard
You keep saying,
“It’s gonna be okay.”

I whisper back
Angry with you
For saying that
It’s gonna be okay
Can’t you see?
That once you’re gone,
Nothing is going
To be okay
I can’t do this
You can’t leave me
Babe I can’t live
Without you”
I whine

You sigh deeply
And I know
That death
Is right next to you
Waiting for the right moment
To take you
Away from me

You pull me closer
Your lips are
Kissing mine
Hardly and fiercely
That’s when it hits me
This is gonna be
Our last moment
To be together
This is gonna be
Our last kiss

I kiss you
Harder than ever
I want this moment
To last forever
I want you
TO hold me tightly
By waist forever
I went to stay here
Kissing you forever

I want you
To not die
And leave me
On my own

Our kisses continued
As we hug
Each other tightly
My hands
Are around your neck
As you wrap your arms
Around my waist
And kiss me
From my forehead
All the way down
To my neck
Those lips of yours
Taste better
Than ever
Tears run down
Both of our faces
We stop kissing
Cause we are both out of breath
I sit up a little
On the bed
As you lean your head
Against my chest
We lay there
Breathing hard
I run
My hands
Though your goldish blond hair

When you look up at me
Them grayish green eyes
Stare in my brown eyes
I can tell
That you’re trying
To be brave
And that you are
Going to miss me

I can also tell
That you don’t want me
To be hurting
Or crying

You kiss my neck
And whisper into my ear
“It’s gonna be only okay
I want you
To live your life
To the fullest
Have fun
Laugh once in awhile
Do what you wanna do

Live your life
The way
You want to
Don’t be afraid
Try to be fearless
Do your best
In everything
Never give up
Have kids
Have a big family
Love everyone
You meet
Don’t hold me back,
But let me go
We’ll be together again
We’ll live forever
We’ll live together
But for now
Let me go
I’ll meet you
Up in Heaven
Someday soon
Someday soon.”

I sob
As you say this
And whisper to you
The only thing
I can say
“I’ll love you always.”
I hear
You gasp and cry
In emotional pain
And whisper back to me
“I’ll love you forever, Baby

You take
A weak breath
I kiss you
On the lips
You kiss me back
Death sees its chances
And takes you
Away from me
You close your eyes
As you took
You last breath
You die in my arms
Just like
You wanted to

I sit there
In shock
Then reality
Hits me right in my heart
As I scream
And Sob in pain
I wrap my arms tightly
Around your neck
And lean against
Your lifeless body
The machines scream
And beep loudly
I hear the nurses
Come in

And try to get me
To leave the room
I ignore them
And cry myself out
I run outta tears
And let you go
I hear the nurses’ voices
Trying to confront me

I crawl
Out of the bed
Out of the room
I leave the hospital
And go to
Our favorite place
The park
By my house

I run all the way there
I sit
On the swing set
And look around
It must be midnight
Cause its dark out
The sky is black
And nobody’s in sight

I look up
At the stars
Shining brightly
And close my eyes
And start
Thinking to myself

You are in Heaven now
You are strong again
Your face is full
Of color
You are no longer sick
Your grayish green eyes
Are shining
Full of color and freedom

In your eyes
I can tell
You are missing me
You are waiting for me
To join you
In Heaven
When my time comes

My time
Will come
I’ll met you
In Heaven
Someday Soon

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horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
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