You Move Away

July 3, 2009
By horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
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I lay on my bed
Darkness surrounds me
It must be 3 o’clock
In the morning
I stare at the ceiling
Thinking about you

It never ends
Every time I close my eyes
I see your face
Every time I dream
I dream about you

Why did you have to go?
Why did have to leave me?
Yes, I know
You didn’t want
To move away
But why didn’t you
Put up a fight
And stay here with me

I toss and turn
I long for ya
TO be here
To be holding me
To be kissing me
To be talking
About nothing bout us

My heart is breaking
I can hear it
Cracking and screaming
For you
To come back

One thing is for sure
My heart
Is gonna follow you

I fell asleep
And wake up screaming your name
At the top of my lungs

I’m going crazy
Thinking about you

I can’t let you go
I can’t stop thinking about you
I can’t stop begging
And praying for you
To come home
My heart
Is already following you

I miss your face
Your smile,
Your voice,
I miss everything
About you

Without thinking
I grab my cell phone
And dial your number
I glance at the clock
And realize
That it is 4:30
In the morning

I start to hang up
When you answer
I hear your sleepy voice,

Hearing your voice,
I just burst into
Helpless tears
You heard me
And exclaimed
“What’s wrong, Baby?”
Hearing my nickname,
Makes me cry
Even more

I get grip
On my behavior
And actions
I whisper to you
The only thing
That I could say
“I miss you so much”

I hear you sigh
And you start to cry with me
“I miss you too, Baby”
We cried together
For a while

You got a grip
On yourself
And whisper
“I gotta get some sleep
Okay, Baby?’
I whisper an “okay”
And “love you” goodbye
I went back to sleep

The next night
Wasn’t any better
I toss and turn
Crying and dreaming
About you
I lay on my side
It’s so late
I close my eyes
And try to get some sleep
But for a second
I thought
I heard footsteps
I shake my head
And pull the covers
Over my sleepy head
Thinking to myself
“I’m so tired,
That I’m even imaging things.”

Then I felt my bed
As if it was being weighted down
I feel an arm
Wrapping tightly
Around my waist
I smile
Knowing that it’s you

You lean your head
Against my ear
And whisper to me
“Hey baby.”
There’s only one boy
Whose voice sounds like that

“Hey Honey”
I whisper back
And turn around
Facing you
Wrapping my arms
Around your neck
You wrap both of your arms
Around my waist
Real tightly

I look up
Into your sweet face
You are smiling at me
Then you get this look
On your face

A sweet
Not so innocent look
I giggle
Knowing that face

You put your lips on mine
And start kissing me
Those lips of yours
Taste like a fire
Full of love and passion

We lay there on my bed
And kissing
I wrap myself
Tightly around you
Not wanting you to leave
You pause
And chuckled at me
Knowing why I had done that

You whisper into my ear
“Its okay, Baby
I ain’t going anywhere.
I got my own apartment.”
I loosen my grip a bit

I stop kissing you
And looked at you
“You got your own place?”
I questioned
Not believing
What I was hearing
You laugh at me again
And cuddled next to me
“Yes babe
I got my own place.”

I’m so happy
That without even thinking
I start kissing
Hardly and fiercely
Taking you by surprise
I pull back to breathe
And you laugh
Overjoyed with those kisses

You start kissing me
Back the same way
Our kisses
Were so powerful,
And full of love and passion

Those kisses
Were the best kisses
That I’ve ever gotten.

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