In Love

July 3, 2009
By horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
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It’s the last dance at school
Summer is coming
Only 3 days left

I’m just sitting on the bench
Chatting with my friends
Taking a break from the dance floor

The music pounds in my ears
Everyone is dancing,
And having a blast
The spotlight shines everywhere

I’m just getting ready
To get and dance again
When a hand taps my shoulder
I turn and see
That it’s you
You’ve got the biggest smile
I’ve ever seen
On your face
Your grayish green eyes
Stare into my dark brown eyes
For a moment
I thought I was dreaming

You open your mouth
And ask a question
That I never expected
Or saw coming

“Dance with me?”

I’m so shocked
That I swear my heart skipped a beat
Or two
You hold out your hand,
Waiting for me to answer

Reality comes back to me
I swallow hard
And try to keep my cool
I whisper,
As I take your hand

You lead me though the crowd
Into the middle of
The dance floor

I hear the teen girls and guys
Whispering about us already
Staring at us in shock

You hardly seem to notice
My friends are screaming
And yelping in shock
As well as joy
I’m getting nervous

I turn my back
To face you
And away from the crowd
I could almost feel
Their eyes burning into my back
You put your arm
Around my waist,
Onto my back
You take your other arm
And hold my hand up in the air

I couldn’t believe
That we were so close together
Touching each other
My hand was holding your hand
Whereas, my other arm
I put on your shoulder

A slow song came on
And I wondered if you planned this
Or if it was just
Perfect, unusual timing

We dance around
And around
I finally look up at your face
You are looking at me

And we just stare
Into each other’s eyes
For the longest time
As we danced

You pull me closer
For some reason or another
I hear the teens gasping
Once again,
In shock

I move my hand
From your shoulder
And wrap it
Around your neck
You smile at me
Overjoyed about that action
I hear the teens screaming
And gasping at me

But by then
I no longer care
You are dancing with me
You are holding me
Your arm is around me
Holding so tightly
You are with me
My dreams are coming true at last
It seems

The song ends
And the music ends completely
Everyone is watching
To see what’s going to happen now

We stand there
Rite in the middle of the floor
You let go of my hand
And wrap it around my waist
Like your other arm

I wrap my loose hand
Around your neck
Like my other arm

You are holding,
Hugging, and hanging onto me
So tightly,
But so gently

You lean your head down
And kiss me
Rite on my lips
You are my first kiss
I pull myself closer
And kiss you back
The same sweet way

I heard the teens shouting,
In disbelief, as well as shock
“Oh My Gosh!”,
“What the Heck?”
“Holy Crap!”
And so on
Some kids were even speechless
I couldn’t have cared less
We keep on rite on kissing
Your sweet lips
Are on mine
They taste so good
My dreams are coming true

Your kisses are
So sweet,
So gentle,
So powerful,
So meaningful,
So unreal,
So perfect,
And so additive

I feel like a fire
Is burning inside me
It’s so full of
And more love
The fire started at my lips
And reached to my toes
So good, so additive
I don’t ever want to stop kissing you

Finally, we are both out of breath
We stop and pull our heads
Back a few inches
My heartbeat is so loud
You are smiling,
Looking happier than ever

You whisper into my ear
“You have no idea
How long I’ve wanted you.
Wanted to kiss
And hold you.”

I giggle at you softly
You look at me
Clearly confused
I whisper back
“I’ve been praying,
Begging, for this to happen.”
He laughs
And shakes his head

I glance at the clock
Mom and Dad are waiting on me
As if you have read my mind
You say
“My mom is waiting on me.”

I nodded and you asked
“Can I walk ya out?”
I whisper back
We walk out together
Your arms around my waist
While mine around around your waist
You whisper to me,
“I’ve gotta say, Baby,
I think,
We are in Love.”
I smile and nod in agreement

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