I'm Here For You

July 3, 2009
By horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
horse212 SILVER, Lancaster, Ohio
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My friend
You’ve been going though some hard times
Everyone keeps leaving you

You used to be so happy
And smile constantly
Now, you cry and avoid everyone
You act so depressed
You’re not even yourself anymore

It’s going to be okay, girl
I’m here

Storms will pass soon
I’m here

Your world will shine again
I promise you that
You will be yourself again soon
I’m here

Need to talk?
I’m here

Need to cry?
I’m here

Need some confront?
I’m here

Need a friend?
I’m here

Need to have fun?
I’m here

Need me?
Just call me
I’ll be there as soon as I can

I’m here for you
No matter what,
I’ll always be here for you

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