Just for You

July 3, 2009
By Anonymous

So the world goes on without you, my dear,
So the weather turns to snow,
Don't think that you're the center of the world,
For it moves well on it's own, you hear?

So city's stoplights are flashing, my dear,
They're not meant just for you,
Don't think that you're the only one,
For there are many people with cars, too, you hear?

So the elevator's music is playing, my dear,
It's not playing for your entertainment,
It's for all that ride it up in mornings,
Including those that do maintenence, you hear?

So the libraries are filled with books, my dear,
They aren't written only for your mind,
It's for all those that want to get lost,
Away from the troubled realities we find, you hear?

So now you must feel really lonely, my dear,
I can see tears rolling down your cheeks,
Don't cry I'll give you something yours alone,
A present that doesn't speak, you hear?

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