Free From You

July 3, 2009
By firefly400 SILVER, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
firefly400 SILVER, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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You kissed me,
You talked to me,
You looked at me,
But then you found someone else to take my place in your heart,
I loved you and I still do,
But thats not what is hurting me,
You told me we would be together forever,
I wanted it to really be like that,
But you broke my heart with those words,
And what you said never happened and now it never will,
Its the sadness I cant hide,
You can see it in my eyes,
If you would just look at me like you used to,
Why did you have to brake the hands that held me and you together forever,
I have to know,
This heart you broke once is never coming back,
To you,
My hands are free from your grip that hurt me,
Now I am free from you and your never gonna find me.

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