July 3, 2009
By ErinM SILVER, Ball Ground, Georgia
ErinM SILVER, Ball Ground, Georgia
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It is time, Night
The time when the sun falls and your silky black sky is unveiled
It glitters with the stars that I have so often admired
Their luster draws me in so close that I am entranced
They lull me to sleep with a sweet, soundless melody
Come Night, sit here beside me
Wrap me in your silence
Teach me to be patient and quiet as you are
Settle my soul with stillness and wash over me with that heavy darkness
and as my eyelids begin to droop with slumber, take my hand and dazzle me with lovely dreams
Oh Night, tell me of tales far beyond human imagination
Show to me a world much better than this one
and at daybreak, do not wake me with your farewell
Instead, let me remain in this peaceful state - forever and ever, amen.

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