Painfully Yours

July 3, 2009
By Thomas Fitzgerald BRONZE, Waddington, New York
Thomas Fitzgerald BRONZE, Waddington, New York
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In this little blip of existence people call life
I have learned many things through struggle and strife
All of my lessons lead to you
All of my dreams they never come true

Some times I wish I was blind
So I could forget you and all the times you have lied
So I would not have a memory of you and me
And of how we used to be o so happy

Some times I wish I was deaf
So I couldn’t hear u say there was nothing left
I wouldn’t hear the words you spoke
When you couldn’t stand that little joke

Some times I wish I was numb
So I wouldn’t feel the pain I have succumb
I wouldn’t know what your touch felt
Or how deal the pain you have dealt

Some times I wish I could not speak
So I could never say those words to make u weep
I wouldn’t say what we should do
Nor would I ever have said I love u

Like my dreams this will never come true
I will never have the chance to say I love u
Never again can I think your just mine
No more calling all the time

Life is a struggle but life can be grand
You slipped though my fingers like grains of sand

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